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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. let's get straight out to chris o'connell live near the scene. what's happening now chris. we just got update from new castle county police. we have confirmed that male was shot inside the rosehill community center here in new castle. they haven't told us the person's age. but two parents were inside have told me that that person is a juvenile. police tell us the gunman is still out there. take look behind me. this is a very active crime scene. police are still here. the community center has been cleared. all of the children inside have been released to the parents. we can tell was you just saw right there the medical examiner coming to the scene. we can tell you frantic parents were rushing to the center where there were dance classes. other activities going on. a very busy place for the president's day holiday. gunshots were fired in the basement of the center. police rush to the scene as the center was put on lock down. take a look from skyfox just after moments after the scene. you can see the commotion.
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one witness appeared to be a family member was told by -- something by police and collapsed on the ground sobbing. once again no confirmation on the age of the victim. here is what police had to say moments ago. >> what we know right now is that at 2:00 o'clock or 2:53 p.m. we had reports of a person shot in the rosehill community center. our officers responded and at that time they located a deceased male victim in the basement pouring of the rose hill community center much the building was locked down. it has since been cleared so children have been released to their parents or guardians at this time. >> right down the street from my house. somebody gets shot in my kid's daycare so i have to re-evaluate a lot of things. >> reporter: bring you back out here live. you see investigators still coming out as we were in that sound bite i heard still no confirmation of the age of that
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victim but we do understand it is a juvenile. once again police don't have a suspect yet. they don't know exactly even how this gunman got away. questions they need to answer, of course, we're hoping to get a lot more information for fox 29 news at 10:00. lucy iain, back to you. >> still breaking scene. thank you very much, chris. right now since we're watching winter weather this is a storm system right now that is headed our way. how much, though, that depends on where you live. many will see the snow start to fly in just a matter of hours. >> add to that continuing dangerous cold and it could be a rough few days. >> chief meteorologist scott williams is live in old city tonight with what we can expect. another cold night too scott? >> that's certainly right. good evening lucy and iain. temperatures continue to drop high temperatures this afternoon only in the teens but we have winter weather advisories that just went into play as well as winter storm warnings. let's get to the maps and show was we're talking about. in purple advisories all of southeastern pennsylvania. but all of south jersey, all of
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delaware, winter storm warnings and they will run through midday tomorrow. as that snowfall moves in. you can see it's snowing off to our south and west. snow has been crossing the chesapeake into southern sections of delaware this evening and it will overtake the area overnight tonight and early on your tuesday. so as we watch the clock you can see by 8:00 p.m. we're looking at some flurries moving into new castle county. dover looking at that snowfall moving in and also by 10:00 o'clock it's trying to move toward the philadelphia area and cherry hill but most of that activity will hold off until later on tonight especially after midnight. by 3am we're looking at that snow pretty much area wide. but it's all about location the farther south and east you head, we're looking at heavier amounts of that snowfall. and you can see as we run the expected amounts where we move in south delaware and central sections of jersey we're looking at the most snow out of this system. specific totals when i come indoors. back to you. >> all right scott. thank you very much. >> the red cross is helping
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three families from north philadelphia tonight. a fire broke out in their home on the 3200 block of north read street just after 10:00 this morning. from skyfox you can see there's smoke coming through a hole in the roof fighting these fires in this weather always tough. lots of ice on the ground there from the water firefighters used to battle the flames. ice on the streets to what looks like an ice castle the scene in west philadelphia. firefighters balanced flames at this home on 52nd ands have streets this morning. after all was said and done, no one was hurt. but clearly serious damage at that house. our hearts go out to that family family. no word yet on what started the fire. you can get another look at these images on where you'll find a slide show. in weather like this, a lot of people are doing whatever they can to stay warm. >> authorities say fires can be an unfortunate side effect. fox 29's brad sattin live tonight from temple hospital in north philadelphia with more on that. brad? >> reporter: lucy and iain we can tell you that these emergency room doctors starting to get busy. not just here at temple
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university but all the local hospitals as a result of weather related problems. we can also tell i was lot of people working to prevent those emergencies not just in people but in animals as well. there's a reason there's busiest time of year cold weather leads to fires and keeping firefighter firefighters very busy. this fire broke out on cambria street electric heater to blame. >> came out screaming it's on fire, it's on fire and it was a heater. the heater turned the fire alarm alarm. >> six people got out safely so did two dogs but three puppies died in the fire. red paw emergency relieve crews have been working around the clock picking picking up displaced animals in the cold. >> we do primarily residential disasters, fires, floods building collapse as lot of those this weekend we responded to. >> working around the clock crews from project home picking up those who are homeless and willing to seek shelter. they responded to 59 cases yesterday. >> most people when it gets like
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it's supposed to start snowing again so when it gets real bad they'll come in. >> reporter: this couple wouldn't go. >> you sure you don't want to go down, if you want to and you want to go by the office at 1515 we're open. >> doctors say they're now seeing cases of frost bite and low body temperature. >> usually it's bad judgment that leads to hypothermia outdoors. substance use. alcohol use. >> reporter: the cold weather wouldn't sway these music fans. some here waiting out side at the union transfer since 7:00 o'clock this morning in order to land the front row to hear their favorite band. doors don't open until 7:30 p.m. >> my dad work right down the street so -- i keeps checking us out. >> they are heart eighty three than most of. >> i'm feeling pretty good gang coat. >> how long have you been outside? >> just about 30 seconds. >> reporter: we should check back with you -- >> come back. it will be another story. i'll have another story to tell. >> reporter: obviously can be kind of funny when you're outside for just a few seconds or a minutes. a different story if you're outside for an extended period
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of time. doctors are it putting out the warning frost bite could lead to loss of limbs and drop in body heat can kill you even if you're indoors if you're in a place that is not well heated your body heat can drop as a result of even being inside. if you have any questions if you have any doubts, doctors say get to a doctor as quickly as possible. back to you guys. brad good advice. chilly look this evening at the delaware river skyfox over it earlier today and look at the sheets of ice that have formed. these cold temperatures couldn't you can expect more sheets of ice to pop up along the river. we'll have special coverage this latest winter storm it all starts with fox 29 morning news starting early tomorrow morning at 3:00 a.m. you'll get the latest information on the weather continual traffic updates an look at how the storm's impact throughout our area. in the meantime keep checking click the weather tab at the top of the home page for the latest forecast information and all your life radar images. >> uwchlan township prosecutors now charge add man for a deadly crash over the weekend that
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killed a brother and sister. thomas mure err faces homicide by vehicle in driving under the influence charges. that crash happened saturday night at north pottstown pike and north ship road. police say his pick up hit a mini van trying to make a turn. the force of that crash through the two teens from the mini van killing them. the latest oh and a developing story the mass beheading of a group of christians by isis militants. world leaders weighing in today on the vicious attack in libya. white house calling the beheadings despicable and coward cowardly. pope francis saying the 21 egyptians can assasinated for just being christian. during off the cuff remarks while speaking with a scottish church leader the pope called the gruesome act by isis an attack on all christians. >> it makes no difference whether they are catholic orthodox or' tess taints they're christians. their blood is one in the same. >> egypt's response to the murder was swift as it air force pummeled the terror groups
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training camps and weapons stockpiles in lib y. denmark's flag is flying at half staff across the city. the they're mourning the loss of two people gunned down in terror attacks. five police officers are recovering from their injuries. tonight a vigil honored the victims. sources are say the gunmen got out of jail just two weeks ago. and they think he may have been radicalized buy behind bars last summer and showed changes in his behavior that were worrisome. police say the 22-year-old had history of violence in gang connections. two men suspected of helping him are now in jail. a local family in desperate need of help for their son. >> he needs a wheelchair just to get around. but as big a hurdle as right outside his own front tour. fox 29 is working to get results for his frazzled parents and you can help. >> plus a father and son hoisted to safety on a coast guard helicopter. how they got stuck in freezing ocean waters. howard? >> the phillies begin spring training on wednesday but are they waiting too long to trade
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cole hamels? and what are the chances of flyers making the playoffs? flyers general manager ron hextall chimes in. that's coming up in sports.
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♪ a freezing rescues off the coast of nan tuck this weekend. this coast guard video of a father and son being pulled to safety after getting stranded during this weekend pots blizzard 140 miles southly nan tuck sailors called for help when their boat lost power and sales tour. four hours later the coast guard arrived to hair lift the men to safety and father and son are doing okay tonight. >> fox 29 news working to get results for a 10-year-old boy right now. saalim needs a whole chair to get around his biggest challenge is getting into and out of his west philadelphia row house. it's become very difficult. even dangerous. >> that's where our bruce gordon comes in. he's live in our newsroom.
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bruce this is the kind of problem easy to ignore unless of course you're the one in the wheelchair. >> iain, even a small set of steps can make it impossible to get around in a wheelchair. imagine knowing their exists equipment to overcome that hurdle but you can't afford it? ♪ >> reporter: 10-year-old is legal suleiman suffers from daily seizures his mom says life is not easy for her little guy. >> he can't do anything for himself or by himself. he can sit up. he can't walk. he can't talk. >> got to be tough. >> yeah. it's a lot of lifting. changing him. feeding him. making sure he stays safe. >> reporter: save, good luck. each morning and every afternoon with dad off at work, mom and the family nurse must carry 68-pound saalim and his 60-pound wheelchair down a set of concrete steps to the schoolbus and back up at the end of each school day. >> he's getting heavier.
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getting bigger. >> taller. >> yeah, taller. >> not so easy to get him up those stairs. >> no. >> reporter: two weeks ago while janay was wheeling saalim down the steps -- >> the weight i just lost control of the chair and dropped him outside on the concrete. >> reporter: what went through your mind when you saw him fall? >> i just started screaming and i went and picked him up and he was bleeding. >> reporter: saalim suffered a broken ankle and some bums and bruises. what he badly needs is a power lift to get his wheelchair into and out of the house. mom and dad got several estimates. the best -- >> $16,182. >> reporter: insurance won't cover a chair lift and saalim's folks can't afford it. they started a gofundme page. hoping kind hearted strangers would see their plight and help. in just over week, they've made it just past a tenth of the way to their $15,000 goal. >> our hope to get help. >> we just want to keep him
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safe. >> reporter: of course they have mate of 16,000 and change it came from a west chester based company called total access. i reached out to the company's ceo this afternoon he's willing to slash their profit margin do the job for about 12,000 bucks. so that's great news on that end of the equation. as for the fundraising well you can go to we will link to you his gofundme page. just since our 5:00 o'clock report another $1,500 has been pledged. we can do this, iain. >> yes, we can with the help of our great viewers. bruce, thanks so much. let us know if there's anything we can help you with. get results with us easy to do to head to now let's get back to your fox 29 winter weather authority. we saw all those -- schuylkill is frozen. >> yeah. >> tying record -- coming close to tying records. >> now snow is on the way. so what do you got? >> right now iain and lucy, those winter storm warnings have taken effect for south jersey as well as delaware. north and west from the philadelphia area in the purple we are looking at a winter
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weather advisory. so in the warning categories that's where we're looking at most of the snow south and east of i-95. so where is it at right now? you can see pretty heavy snow in the mountains of north carolina moving into virginia. the entire state looking at snow snow. richmond looking at heavy snow right now and it's moving in to sussex county, delaware, right now so starting to cross the chesapeake bay area right now. snowing in the nation's capitol we'll continue to watch that moisture move into that cold air so it's not a question about are the temperatures cold enough but it's just when that snow arrives in your backyard. so you can see by 8:00 o'clock we're looking at it snowing in dover as well as cape may. it continues to move toward new castle county by 9:00, 10:00 o'clock. some flurries likely out ahead of that toward the philadelphia area and cherry hill but then really overnight after midnight that's when the bulk of the action starts to get going especially in south jersey 10 central and sections of delaware. by 3:00 in the fox 29 morning
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news will begin at 3am earlier time. we're looking at that know fall. sue will be tracking that snow across the area and the heaviest snow once again will be in south jersey and delaware. especially down the shore. by 5:00 a.m. we're still looking at that snow. by 7:00 o'clock it starts to taper off rapidly. north and west. but by nine, 10:00 o'clock still lingering in south jersey and then it really starts get out of here by midday. so how much to expect in philadelphia? trenton wilmington anywhere from three to 6-inches of snowfall but lesser amounts once you move toward lehigh valley and the poconos only one to three and then as you move into south jersey and delaware, six to 8-inches maybe even eight to 10 as you move into sections of sussex county in southern delaware. for philadelphia, we're looking at about three to 5-inches once again most of that snow moves in as we move beyond the 10:00 o'clock, 11:00 o'clock hour. overnight and you can see that snow will impact your travel plans on tuesday. wilmington we're looking at about four to 6-inches for you in new castle county winter
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storm warnings in effect until noon tomorrow. temperatures will hold pretty steady in the teens. and what about dover delaware? kent county. six to 8-inches for you. temperatures by midnight around 16 degrees. and when you wake up tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. it will be 19 degrees. atlantic city you're under a winter storm warning. six to 8-inches likely for you down the shore on the boardwalk and then as we move into wildwood, new jersey, cape may county what about six to maybe even 10-inches of snowfall for you. so the farther south you head, the more snow you are expected to receive. we came so close to that record low this morning of two set back in 1888. we got down to three. so i was talking about we'll come that close we might as well just tie or either break that record. 16 degrees right now and once again those temperatures are in the teens. as we look at that seven day forecast it is going to be a cold week across our area. as those temperatures are going to be hard pressed to make it above freezing over the next
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several days. just because of that polar vortex so you can see temperatures in the teens thursday and friday for highs. that is it. >> that's it. >> okay. >> we're frozen with that forecast. we can't say anything. luckily howard is here. >> it's warm inside. >> it is nice inside. >> all right. flyers general manager ron hextall has the grim role last the flyers chances making the playoffs this year and are the phillies waiting too long to trade cole hamels? former phillies
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>> the flyers they have 26 games left in the season. they're only five points out of the of playoff spot. reality is simple it's up hull hill to make the playoffs. if they don't make the playoffs they're mott good enough. they play at home against the bad columbus team tomorrow night. a team they lost to in overtime last week. now the flyers struggle too many areas. they have trouble scoring. they have trouble getting shots. they turn the puck over. and even though they wouldn't last night in it was a win against buffalo a team that is the worst in the nhl. general manager ron hextall knows the reality and is honest about the chances. >> the odds are still against us because if you look at boston you say, okay, every game that boston wins we got to win three games more than them. it's still -- it's still tough.
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i like the resiliency of our team right now. our schedule looks okay. >> the phillies they report on wednesday to spring training in clearwater. it will be a little warmer the high only about 50 that's your weather forecast for clearwater much that's when pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report. although there are some position players that already in clearwater. the phillies want to make trades and the player with the most value is pitcher cole hamels. last night i had former phillies pitching coach joe kerrigan for sports sunday to talk about it. joe has an example with another phillies pitcher. >> cliff lee over four year period going back two years ago had pitched 900 innings. i thought that was the perfect time the window for the phillies to trade lee. and they wait add little too long to pull the trigger and now lee gets hurt and now he's not a very tradeable commodity and you hope that the same thing doesn't happen to hamels. he does have some issues, some history, with that elbow. so you never know.
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he came to spring training last year and had to be shut down for 10 day period because of that elbow you hope that same thing doesn't crop up again. >> the reality is, they know they want to trade him. there is -- there are chances a pitcher more likely can get hurt and you better just kind of make a decision if you want to take that risk or do you want to make a trade and get some good prospects now? which might not be exactly what they want. i'll find out about all of that tomorrow because i'm leaving tomorrow morning snow or no snow powder no powder whatever it is. i am taking off. >> wheels up and heading out. >> taking your clubs? >> i'm working. >> all right. >> he hesitated on that. >> i know he did. be sure to tune in tonight for fox 29 news at 10:00. take look at these rains teens all dressed up for his school dance. the only problem they were turned away at the door. it has nothing to do with why they were dressed. >> that does it for us right here at 6:00.
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we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.i have the flu with a runny nose. [coughs] better take something. theraflu severe cold won't treat your runny nose. really? alka-seltzer severe cold and flu relieves your worst flu symptoms plus runny nose. [breath of relief] oh, what a relief it is. mommy! hey!
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♪[ music ] ♪ live from new york, it's saturday night! >> inside snl's 40 year anniversary special. >> yeah baby. >> adam sandler. chris rock. even sarah palin showed up. >> it was a big mistake. >> a sea of famous faces. then, road rage horror. >> she came home, she was followed, and she was murdered. >> and what you should do if somebody's following you home. >> give them space. make a forgiving little gesture. >> and -- >> oh, yes! >> why this weather dude is jumping for joy in the middle of


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